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Optimise throughput & reduce cost

Increase mine-to-mill–to-metal recovery using data science and AI.

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Manage supply chain risk

Understand supply chain risks and procurement processes, consolidate stocks lists and optimise working capital using our global supply models.

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Enhance visibility & reporting

Enhance operational efficiency and decision making with our end-to-end data integration and reporting solutions, which automate manual budgeting, forecasting and reconciliation processes.

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Understand your market

Identify growth or improvement opportunities or conduct competitor or asset benchmarking using our rich mine and company datasets.

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Understand asset & company economics

Maximise the economic potential of your assets or company using our advanced mine economics and valuation tools.

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Manage ESG impact

Understand ESG impacts using our global environmental datasets and address them using our operational optimisation techniques.

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Solution Category

Commercial analytics

Identify opportunities and manage risk across your supply chain with the help of our experienced market and industry experts.

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Digital transformation & BI

Put your data to better use with standardised and automated reporting implementations. Our business intelligence team can advise you at every step of your digital transformation journey, from strategy creation to implementation and support.

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Operational optimisation

Identify your key process drivers with the help of advanced AI and machine learning.

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Data integration & automation

Improve your analytical capabilities by integrating siloed data and automating manual processes from pit to port with our expert support.

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Application development

Improve efficiencies and data quality by automating manual data entry and many other processes with the help of our development teams.

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Advisory services

Our world-class team offers a range of operational and commercial advisory services along the value chain, covering digital transformation strategy, drill & blast, mine-to-mill, the battery metals value chain and transportable moisture limits.

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Digital transformation and BI

Business Intelligence (BI) reporting

We are experts in building Business Intelligence solutions for the mining industry. We have helped some of the world's biggest miners with their ETL, data modelling, and reporting challenges, e.g. Cycle Time Reporting, Comminution/Flotation performance reporting, and Management KPI reporting.

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  • Highly experienced team both in BI and mining.

  • Experience with the Microsoft BI stack (Azure, Power Platform, Power BI, etc).

  • End-to-end delivery from integrations, data warehousing, reporting and technical advisory.

  • We understand your mining data (mining, financial, geology, engineering) and have probably delivered a similar report before.

  • Agile delivery, delivering quickly with a 'continuous improvement' approach.

  • We recognise the need for rigorous change management to support embedded technology and report adoption.


  • Agile delivery enables fast results and improved buy-in.

  • Our mining experience gives improved delivery, by better understanding of the goals and aims of stakeholders.

  • An interdisciplinary team: innovative approaches and bring experience to add value.

  • Save time through streamlined reporting.

  • Reduce reliance on manual collation of data for routine reporting; reduce silos between departments.

  • Automated reports reduces subjectivity and frees up employees' time.

Drive efficiency throughout your flowsheet

Cycle Time Analysis

Monitor shovel dig times, productivity, truck cycle times, and much more.

Management KPI Monitoring

Establish and display clear management KPIs to assist strategic decision making.

Process Plant Performance

Track key metrics, including feed fragmentation, recovery, and reagent usage.

Mining business intelligence abstract illustration

Automate Processes

We work with you to identify and automate time-consuming manual processes in your business reporting.

Meet Requirements

Our processes help you quickly get the data you need, in the format you need it in.

Empower Decisions

Our automated reporting delivers trusted data insights to the right people.

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