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Optimise throughput & reduce cost

Increase mine-to-mill–to-metal recovery using data science and AI.

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Manage supply chain risk

Understand supply chain risks and procurement processes, consolidate stocks lists and optimise working capital using our global supply models.

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Enhance visibility & reporting

Enhance operational efficiency and decision making with our end-to-end data integration and reporting solutions, which automate manual budgeting, forecasting and reconciliation processes.

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Understand your market

Identify growth or improvement opportunities or conduct competitor or asset benchmarking using our rich mine and company datasets.

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Understand asset & company economics

Maximise the economic potential of your assets or company using our advanced mine economics and valuation tools.

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Manage ESG impact

Understand ESG impacts using our global environmental datasets and address them using our operational optimisation techniques.

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Solution Category

Commercial analytics

Identify opportunities and manage risk across your supply chain with the help of our experienced market and industry experts.

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Digital transformation & BI

Put your data to better use with standardised and automated reporting implementations. Our business intelligence team can advise you at every step of your digital transformation journey, from strategy creation to implementation and support.

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Solution Category

Operational optimisation

Identify your key process drivers with the help of advanced AI and machine learning.

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Solution Category

Data integration & automation

Improve your analytical capabilities by integrating siloed data and automating manual processes from pit to port with our expert support.

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Solution Category

Application development

Improve efficiencies and data quality by automating manual data entry and many other processes with the help of our development teams.

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Solution Category

Advisory services

Our world-class team offers a range of operational and commercial advisory services along the value chain, covering digital transformation strategy, drill & blast, mine-to-mill, the battery metals value chain and transportable moisture limits.

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Model and value mines faster, more flexibly and at scale

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Customisable DCF models of operating mines

Web app and API offering fully customisable DCF models of mining assets covering both base and precious metals and fed by trusted data sources.

Value pre-production projects

Access models for both production and pre-development, with undeveloped assets generated using accurate AI-driven assumptions.

Fast and flexible scenario analysis

Customise production and financial models and develop scenarios across a portfolio of assets. See impacts of changing commodity price, capex, mining and processing costs, tax and other key inputs.

Quickly identify investment risks and opportunities

Unique event simulation engine

Easily adjust and toggle layers to quickly simulate NPV impacts over your asset or group of assets.

Simulate the impact of potential events (for example supply chain disruptions) by applying layer modifiers over key assumptions, including metal price, currency and costs.

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Easy sensitivity analysis

Stress test your full asset portfolio with changes to commodity prices, mining and processing costs, tax and royalty regimes and many other parameters.

Generate and compare hundreds of different scenarios to see the key drivers of portfolio value.

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Superior screening capabilities

Rank companies or assets based on NPV, compare all companies across a geography and commodity, or even globally.

See how changes in valuation assumptions impact the results and compare sensitivities across global assets and companies.

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Trusted data, enhanced by us

We enhance trusted company data* with AI to offer forecast assumption packs that consider similar geologies, geographies, mill capacities, grades and recovery rates. You can then easily incorporate these assumptions into your asset NPV model or use our interface to incorporate assumptions from your own sources.

*Based on company reported information and forecasts from S&P Capital IQ Market Intelligence.

Gain superior coverage

All operating assets

View models of all operating mines (as listed on S&P) for key commodity groups (precious, base and battery metals).

Assets in development

See additional NPV valuation coverage of mines not yet in production, based on AI-driven assumptions.

Assumptions at scale

Perform valuations at scale across a commodity group or groups of assets, or at an individual asset level.

Be the master of your valuation

Apply your own advanced scenario and sensitivity analyses

Quickly see the impact of assumption changes to the valuation of assets, companies or markets.

Incorporate your own assumptions

Our flexible models easily integrate with your existing systems and workflows.

Ability to alter assumptions globally

Effortlessly apply assumptions across multiple assets or companies with manual data entry or bulk upload and download.

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Enhance workflows and systems

Integrate with existing workflows

Incorporate your own assumptions and integrate with your existing workflow using Excel import/export functionalities.

Easy access

Easily integrate mine operational or financial data, forecasts and assumptions, or valuations, into your own systems with API data access.

Improve collaboration with team members and clients

Share, export or publish models, scenarios and assumptions.

A solution for every role



Mining analyst

  • Easily screen for new company coverage.
  • Gain flexibility for scenario analysis
  • Benchmark your operation’s financial performance against peers
  • Easily evaluate potential capex impacts on cashflow


M&A, due diligence

  • Easily test robustness of asset valuations
  • Compare similar assets to understand relative value



  • Screen for small or future developments by commodity, geography or reserve size
  • Off-the-shelf DCF models for undeveloped assets

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