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Optimise throughput & reduce cost

Increase mine-to-mill–to-metal recovery using data science and AI.

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Manage supply chain risk

Understand supply chain risks and procurement processes, consolidate stocks lists and optimise working capital using our global supply models.

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Enhance visibility & reporting

Enhance operational efficiency and decision making with our end-to-end data integration and reporting solutions, which automate manual budgeting, forecasting and reconciliation processes.

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Understand your market

Identify growth or improvement opportunities or conduct competitor or asset benchmarking using our rich mine and company datasets.

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Understand asset & company economics

Maximise the economic potential of your assets or company using our advanced mine economics and valuation tools.

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Manage ESG impact

Understand ESG impacts using our global environmental datasets and address them using our operational optimisation techniques.

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Solution Category

Commercial analytics

Identify opportunities and manage risk across your supply chain with the help of our experienced market and industry experts.

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Solution Category

Digital transformation & BI

Put your data to better use with standardised and automated reporting implementations. Our business intelligence team can advise you at every step of your digital transformation journey, from strategy creation to implementation and support.

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Solution Category

Operational optimisation

Identify your key process drivers with the help of advanced AI and machine learning.

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Solution Category

Data integration & automation

Improve your analytical capabilities by integrating siloed data and automating manual processes from pit to port with our expert support.

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Solution Category

Application development

Improve efficiencies and data quality by automating manual data entry and many other processes with the help of our development teams.

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Solution Category

Advisory services

Our world-class team offers a range of operational and commercial advisory services along the value chain, covering digital transformation strategy, drill & blast, mine-to-mill, the battery metals value chain and transportable moisture limits.

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“Industry focused. Data driven.”

About Us

Rovjok generates value from data for the raw materials industry. We work with some of the world’s largest and most technologically ambitious mining and metals companies, bridging operational, commercial and financial divisions. Leveraging the power of advanced analytics, we help businesses maximise impact.

Our mission

Our goal is to make sure that the world’s raw materials can be used as efficiently and sustainably as possible.

We are passionate industry and data experts.

We recognise the power that data analytics has to bring about change.

We want to be at the forefront of the digital revolution in mining.

Solving problems together is part of our DNA.

Raw materials for a sustainable future

We help to deliver raw materials that are critical for the transition to clean energy.

To decarbonise quickly and effectively, society needs to dramatically reduce its dependence on fossil fuels and increase its dependence on minerals. Global regulators, as well as the battery and automotive industries, are increasingly committed to using responsibly sourced and sustainable materials.
At the same time, demand for raw materials is entering a super-cycle driven by the green energy transition and reinforced by the effect of supply-chain disruptions. Raw material value chains are already incredibly opaque and complex, and the future strain on these finite resources alongside the substitution with recycled materials will only compound this issue.

By helping to trace, predict, simulate and optimise these raw material value chains, we aim to support the transition to a low and eventually zero-carbon future.

Total battery demand from electric vehicles alone will equate to 909 GWh globally . (S&P Jan 24, 2022)

The value of metals and minerals trading exceeded $2tn in 2020, and the global trade in key clean-energy metals (Li, Co, Ni, Cu) will be worth at least $366bn by 2025.

Securing supply of these critical raw materials is now a geopolitical issue.


Our location

We are based in Helsinki, Finland, where we benefit from Europe’s strong technological and research ecosystem. We also have a satellite office in London, United Kingdom. We recognise that mining is a global industry, so we have teams covering five time zones across South America, Europe and Australia.




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Our team

We are a growing, diverse and multilingual team of industry and technical experts with significant experience in both operational and commercial roles working across the raw materials value chain. Our team comprises mine analysts, data scientists, engineers, geologists, business intelligence specialists and software developers – all driven by curiosity and guided by innovation.

Curiosity drives us

Innovation guides us

Excellence defines us.

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Partner network

We believe in collaboration and co-creation. Rovjok’s network stretches from business intelligence hubs to raw materials initiatives and satellite data organisations. We also work with academia and academic spinoffs to offer cutting-edge solutions.